Mizuho Industries Co., Ltd Company Outline

Our field of expertise

Since our establishment in 1944, Mizuho Industries, as a consistent maker of cemented carbides from base particulate material, has continued the production of cemented carbide tools and moulds, cultivating unique techniques and technologies as a groundwork for further innovation.

Carbide tools have developed over the years through the conversion of special steels, such as hardened and high-speed steel, into cemented carbide. Over time, revolutionalization of processing methods and the introduction of new materials have made carbides even more resilient against damages such as wear and shock. Furthermore, in recent years, the demand for carbides has been on the rise due to the surge and dramatic expansion of the semiconductor industry, as well as the economic growth in Asia.

Given these current circumstances, we have made it our personal goal to strive for a higher level of metal processing, and to continue to develop new materials using our long-standing and trusted powdered metallurgy technology and precision metal moulding processing techniques. We are continuously evolving to satisfy our customers' needs, and to provide them with unique, individualized products.

Our Products

Our company's list of products have always adapted with the ages: during the mid-40s, we specialized in wire-drawing dies, and from the mid-50s to 60s, we focused mainly on header dies. In recent times, the development of factory automation has raised the demand for reliability in automated operations and precision processing. Currently, we have developed our company's production techniques to respond to these customer demands, and simultaneously increased our product list.

Products made with Mizuho-loy's carbide tools and metal moulds have been used in a wide variety of fields, including but not limited to electronics, electrical machinery, industrial equipment, construction equipment, automobiles, ships, tableware, and household goods. From now into the future, we will continue to listen to our customers and strive for further excellence during our creation of new products.

Examples of Products

Telecommunications Telecommunications Press dies for electromagnetic powders, IC lead frame dies, carbide dies for semiconductors, etc.
Automotive Cold-forged automotive equipment, various hot-press moulds, moulds for powder dies, etc.
Industrial Equipment Varied press dies, edged tools, specialized bits, varied blades, varied punches, continuous blanking moulds, etc.
Ironworking Carbide rolls, cold-forming dies, header dies, irregular dies, etc.
Mining/Construction Triamant, auger/drilling bits, boring bits, drill bits, nozzles, etc.

Mizuho Industries Co., Ltd Company Outline

Company Name Mizuho Industries Co., Ltd.
Address 9-31, Tsukuda 5-chome, Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka-City,
OSAKA, 555-0001, Japan
Founded In August, 1944
Established In December, 1944
Capital 56,000,000 JPY
Head Representative CEO: Mikio Osawa
Primary Business Manufacturing and sales of cemented carbide tools
Banks The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
(Production Department)

225, Innaimachi Koshita, Usa-shi,
Oita, 872-0311, Japan

Mizuho Kyushu Co., Ltd.
(100% subsidiary company)

Mizuho Industries Head Office Entrance Area
Mizuho Kyushu Co., Ltd. Oita Factory

Greetings from the CEO

We will continue to advance, one steady step at a time.

Our company was founded in 1944. Since then, as a consistent maker of cemented carbides for over 60 years, we have used our powdered metallurgy technology and precision metal moulding processing techniques to continue to develop new materials, and to strive for and achieve a higher level of metal processing. It our mission to satisfy our customers' needs, and we are constantly moving forward to fulfil our goal of providing our customers with unique, individualized products.

With the combined group effort of Mizuho Industries and Mizuho Kyushu, and with our agility and flexibility as our assets, we will continue in our advancements and our prioritization of our customers first and foremost by providing them with quality products in a timely manner.

Mizuho Industries Co., Ltd. CEO Mikio Osawa

Company History

August, 1944

Founder Tokio Osawa establishes Mizuho Industries Co., Ltd. In 505-banchi, Imazato-cho, Higashinari-ku, Osaka-shi Production of a range of cemented carbide tools, Mizuho-loy, begins

December, 1957

Headquarters moves to 184, 2-chome, Nishiawaji-cho, Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka

April, 1978 Headquarters moves to 9-31, 5cho-me, Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi (current location)
July, 1989 Mizuho Kyushu Co., Ltd. (100% subsidiary company) established, production department moves to the Mizuho Oita Factory in Kyushu
May, 2004 Mizuho Kyushu Co., Ltd. acquires the ISO9001 certification

The following image is the front cover of our company's old catalogue, dating back to when our head office/factory was in Nishiawaji-cho, Higashiyodogawa-ku.