Product Information

Products made with Mizuho-loy's cemented carbide tools and metal moulds have been used in a wide variety of fields, including but not limited to electronics, electrical machinery, industrial equipment, construction equipment, automobiles, ships, tableware, and household goods. From now into the future, we will continue to listen to our customers and strive for further excellence during our creation of new products.

Telecommunications Telecommunications Press dies for electromagnetic powders, IC lead frame dies, carbide dies for semiconductors, etc.
Automotive Cold-forged automotive equipment, various hot-press moulds, moulds for powder dies, etc.
Industrial Equipment Varied press dies, edged tools, specialized bits, varied blades, varied punches, continuous blanking moulds, etc.
Ironworking Carbide rolls, cold-forming dies, header dies, irregular dies, etc.
Mining/Construction Triamant, auger/drilling bits, boring bits, drill bits, nozzles, etc.

Products aside from our cemented carbides

We also handle a wide range of products aside from cemented carbides, such as steel (alloy tool steel, high-speed steel, stainless steel) aluminum, etc. Please don't hesitate to consult us regarding non-carbide products.

Precision Press Dies

Specialized Precision Punches

Battery-related Dies

Powder Pressing Dies

Cold Press Dies

Automatic Machine Parts

Cemented Carbide Materials

Specialized Chips

Carbide Blades

Circular Blades

Die Parts

Materials Lis

Before using Mizuho-loy's carbide tools, in order to optimize their effectiveness, we ask that our customers select a material best suited to their product's intended use and use environment.

We have provided the following materials to adapt to various types of work environments.

For more details regarding the suitability of the listed materials, please contact us. Depending on the situation, we may suggest a material that is not listed on our catalogue.

Materials Chart

Classification CIS Classification Our Grade Hardness(HRA) Density(g/cm3) Transverse Rupture Strength(MPa) Primary Uses
Ultra-fine Powder VF10 K2 94.0 14.65 3200 Superhard material for precision tools
VF20 VX35 92.8 14.40 3400 Micro-diameter tools, stamping plates, dies for electronic parts
VF30 VX06 91.4 13.90 3800 Pots, plunger heads for IC packing
VF40 VX07 89.9 13.50 3300 Single pots
G6F 91.2 14.20 3200 Precision dies, punches, blades, stainless punches, endmills, tie bar cut dies
Ultra-fine Powder: High-temperature, wear-resistant VF20
MX02 92.8 14.91 2400 Endmills for machining carbon, wood cutting blades, nozzles
Ultra-fine Powder, corrosion-resistant VF10 RT1A 93.3 14.95 1800 Nozzle
VF30 G3A 91.2 14.40 3000 Precision dies, punches, cut dies
VF40 G5A 90.4 14.25 3500 Precision dies, punches, cut blades
VF50 G7A 88.7 13.60 3500 Cutters
For Hot Processing RC50 G6N 87.8 14.30 2800 Hot dies, hot punches
RU70 G7N 83.5 13.50 2600 Hot dies, hot punches
General Alloys VM20
G1 92.0 15.00 2700 Wire dies, plugs, blades, nozzles, guides
G2 91.0 14.80 3000 Reducing dies, guides, wire dies, roll centers, blades, dies, punches, chucks
G3 90.0 14.50 3200 Reducing dies, largedies, rolls, dies, punches, endmills
VM40 G5 89.0 14.30 3400 Reducing dies, large dies, rolls, guide strippers, dies, punches
VM50 G5C 88.5 14.30 3000 Precision dies
Coarse Powder, shock-resistant VC50
G6 87.5 14.00 3000 Reducing dies,drawing dies, punching dies, header dies, header punches, tips, bits, scrapers
SG5 86.5 14.30 2600 Boring tips, earth auger bits, bits
VU70 G7 83.5 13.60 2500 Header dies, header punches, slitters, reduction dies
Non-magnetic, corrosion-resistant NM50 NJ 87.0 13.75 3000 Non-magnetic powder dies, punches, bearings

Material Characteristic Data Table 1 (WC particle diameter, Co - wt %, etc.)

Our Grade WC Particle
Co(wt%) Hardness (HRA) Transverse Rupture Strength (MPa) Principle Uses/Characteristics
G3A 1.0 and less 10.0 91.2 3000
  • Minimal damage when processed electrically
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Precision dies
  • Silicon steel punching dies
G5A 1.0 and less 12.0 90.4 3500
  • Minimal damage when processed electrically
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Silicon steel punching dies
G6F 0.7 and less 12.0 91.2 3200
  • stainless steel, 42 alloy punches
  • End mill materials
MX02 1.0 and less 6.0 92.8 2400
  • Carbon processing tools
  • Powder dies, slitters
NJ 1 - 2.0 16.0 ( Ni ) 87 3000
  • Non-magnetic carbides
  • Powder dies
  • Highly shock-resistant
VX25 0.5 8.0 93.4 3600
  • For very hard materials
  • Endmill materials
  • Lead frame punching materials
VX35 0.5 10.5 92.7 3700
  • Lead frame punching
  • PCB drills, hard materials

Material Characteristic Data Table 2 (Coercivity, saturation magnetic flux density, crack resistance, Young's Modulus, etc.)

Our Grade Density
Saturation magnetic flux density
Crack Resistance
Transverse Rupture Strength
Young's Modulus
VX07 13.5 89.9 269 33.0 154 3300 561
VX06 13.9 91.4 322 22.0 89 3800 571
VX25 14.55 93.4 334 16.6 67 3600 613
VX35 14.3 92.7 302 20.3 76 3700 610
G6F 14.2 91.2 269 24.0 93 3200 584
G5 14.30 89.0 142 20.9 209 3400 581
G5A 14.25 90.4 196 19.5 123 3400 581
G6 14 87.5 108 27.1 714 3000 510

Stages of Cemented Carbide Production (Mizuho Kyushu Co., Ltd.)

This is an overview of our company's cemented carbide production process. Sintering of carbides is done at our subsidiary, Mizuho Kyushu's Oita Factory, and all images are taken on-site.

1.Gathering Raw Materials/Powder

Raw materials purchased

  • WC (Tungsten carbide powder)
  • Co (Cobalt powder)
  • Other additives

2.Combining and Mixing

The base powder is created by mixing and crushing raw material in ball mills and attritors, then drying the material in vacuum mixers.

3.Pressing (Cold Isostatic Pressing))

The combined base powders are pressurized and compacted in dry or wet CIPs


4.Pre-sintering (Partial Sintering)

Pressurized powders are pre-sintered before processing.


The pre-sintered material is processed through moulding (machining).

6. Sintering (Hot Isostatic Pressing)

The material is vacuum-sintered at a temperature of 1300 to 1500 degrees.

7.Quality Management


Equipment List

Surface Grinder 15台 NC Profile Grinder  15台
All-Purpose Grinder 5台 NC Jig Grinder 2台
NC E.D.M. 5台 Precision Cylindrical Grinder 10台
Wire Cut 10台 NC Milling Machine 3台

(Including partner factories)

9.Product Testing


We pack the product carefully before sending it to our customers.